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In real life, we have our own work, have our own life, will lose ourselves in the pursuit of fame and fortune, will be distracted by the trivial things in life. But in the post-apocalyptic holocaust, our pursuit is only one, and that is to live.The story of The Walking Dead begins in a fictional world. It is a world where people are plagued by disease, hunger, death and despair, where there are death traps everywhere, and where even the living can die at any time. In such a desperate world, there is a group of people who are constantly trying to survive, and they are the people called "survivors" in "The Walking Dead". They in order to live, but also in order not to involve family and friends, and constantly strive. They rely on the tenacity and perseverance of the spirit in the world survived and grew up.I hope we can all keep our minds intact.The material of our hoodies is super comfortable and breathable. Our The Walking Dead Hoodies are as handsome as this show. Don't miss it.